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GB-10Nm 134 San 11
Groz Beckert134 San 11

Price: US$4.50

Bobbin Winder O Ring

Bobbin Winder O Ring

Select the large O ring for the Gammill on board bobbin winder.

Select the small O ring for the Gammill or Cowles stand alone bobbin winder.

Price: US$1.00

Back Lash Spring - Football
Back Lash Spring - Football

Price: US$4.50

GB-10NM 134 San 6
Groz Beckert134 San 6

Price: US$4.50

Bakers Dozen Vented Bobbins
Bakers Dozen of Vented Bobbins

Price: US$42.00

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New England and New York Gammill

I want to take a moment to welcome you to Cowles Quilting and introduce myself to those I haven't met.

 Like so many quilters I started sewing at a young age and was a 4-H member through my teens. Back in the days of Jr. High Home Economics I was not the teachers pet as I could sew circles around her!  Sewing was always a way to express myself and my independence. And yes, I went on to have my own daughter who shares those same "qualities".

Fast forward to 2001. My parents, Ed & Marge Cowles, moved to VT just about a mile down the road from my home. At the time they were Gammill dealers and finding the industry was growing too fast to be a retirement business so they invited my husband Brian and me to join them. It wasn't long before our weekend work became our full time venture.

 I have seen Gammill/Statler evolve and expand. Ken Gammill and Paul Statler were my teachers. Quilters became our extended family. Cowles Quilting is the Gammill/Statler dealer for the 6 New England states and New York.

Early this year Gammill made the decision to add enhancements to the dealer program. Each dealer now has access to Gammill's registered owner listing within their region.

What this means to you is a dedicated dealer; no more question of "who do I call"? We are currently updating our contact info to better serve you.

Please share this with your fellow Gammill & Statler owners throughout New York and New England. As we move forward we will be posting a calendar for events and service

in each state.


I look forward to getting to know you and let's keep quilting!